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If you come to Kyrgyzstan, you have to visit a jailoo (high summer pasture) and other special places, to be alone with nature. Different tours are tailor-made for guests: hiking, on horseback or by car. During tours, you will enjoy the vastness of the mountains, purity of the air and water, meet interesting people and feel the depth and range of Kyrgyz hospitality.

And please remember it’s necessary to treat carefully the nature and enviroment of the regions visited. Especially for the travellers the KCBTA “Hospitality Kyrgyzstan” has developed the following “Ecotrekker’s Rules”: 

  • Please respect local traditions, culture and religion.
  • Pay fair prices for lodging, food and services. Buying local products benefits the local economy.
  • Don’t forget to take off your shoes when entering a home.
  • Don’t smoke in homes.
  • Inform your host about your meal preferences.
  • Always ask before photographing people and try to establish friendly contact before shooting. Please don’t pay money.
  • Please don’t give anything to begging children.
  • Wear good hiking shoes or boots as trails are slippery and stony. Bring warm clothes and a raincoat. Weather in a jailoo may be rainy and cold, even in summertime. Always have a flashlight, sunscreen, and insect repellent.
  • Use your head. Drinking alcohol while hiking is unsafe.
  • Carry a plastic bag for litter. Pack up all non-biodegradable rubbish. Please don’t drop cigarette butts or candy wrappers.
  • High altitude vegetation is frail.  Avoid trampling and do not pick plants or flowers in quantity.
  • Use toilets wherever available. Where are none, stay at least 40-50 m from streams and water sources and bury all waste and paper.
  • Leave only footprints, take only photographs.

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The Great Silk Road extending for about 7000 km, became significant trade and cultural heritage of our past. Luxury fabrics, musk, perfumes, spices, medicines, jewels, glassware were traded. Different technologies, religions and believes, philosophies also traveled along the Silk Road. Kyrgyz people save their uniqueness, enriching their everyday life, culture and thoughts staying along the Great Silk Road. 
Traveling with us on the Great Silk Road you can feel and test impressions of the first traveller-traders. You will get inimitable experience of opening kyrgyz culture and its uniqueness.  

Tours, trekking, horseback riding and more on CBT traveler

Nature of Kyrgyzstan is the best for trekking. For just couple of days you would stay at highness from 800  to 3000 meters above sea level, walk by cool forests, by twisting mountain pathways and by the shores of lakes and banks of rivers. 
Pure mountain air, ecologically   clean food, pleasant company and interesting routes are waiting for you!

Tours, trekking, horseback riding and more on CBT traveler

“Horses are wings of djigit”, says Kyrgyz proverb. The most part of the life nomadic people spent on the back of the horse. On a high mountain ranges of Tien-Shan horse is your best friend. Kyrgyz At will never leave you on your way, you will be together at the snow capted passes and travel distances between summer pastures. For CBT horseback tours we use horses of our villagers, accompanied by experienced guides, we will show tou beauties of the celestial mountains. 
Novice or experienced horse rider, there is no difference, we guarantee the palette of inimitable feelings and emotions! 

Tours, trekking, horseback riding and more on CBT traveler

You don’t want to stay at crowded sightseeing places, or want to know more about country according to your interests, profession or hobby. Let us make an individual tour for you. Everyone is unique and ways of understanding and discovering are particular. Open for you another Kyrgyzstan and make tour itinerary with yourselves. We will provide you with necessary information, offer you convinient routs and in-cooperation work out for you your unique tour to Kyrgyzstan! 

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Bike tours just start it’s  development in Kyrgyzstan. This type of travelings needs a special attention and relation – it’s ecological, mobile and up-to-date! 
We can offer you convinient short and lond day itineraries, individual routs according to your interests. Biking by the slopes of Ala-Too – that is a real drive! 

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CBT Home Stay network extended all over the Kyrgyzstan. Good natured host and hostess would invite you at their guesthouses in villages and towns. Home stays satisfy the basic quality standards, established by our CBT Association. The main requirements – cleanness, comfort and hospitality. They would offer you tasty dishes of national and european cuisine, newly baked bread and fragrant tea. You are welcome!

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From the ancient time for nomads yurt was something more then just dwelling, home and protection. Yurt was exalted, honored and sacred. Every detail in construction and using of yurt was endowed with philosophical sense and practical intended purpose. You can see everyday life of shepherds in jailoo, help them to observe it and feel the nature .

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The ancient Kyrgyz people were nomads and cattle breeders and due to this meat and diary products predominated in their everyday life. Nomads also cultivated millet, barley and wheat. These products were  also a part of traditional diet. Recently Kyrgyz cuisine is very various. In everyday life cooked nearly all dishes of european, russian and asian cuisine foods. All dishes became “sunny”, fresh and tasty due to the fresh and ecologically clean raw products and efforts of our hostess.  You will be offered a menu of national and European cuisine, from which you will be able to choose a meal, ranging from beshbarmak, which means “five fingers” (boiled pieces of meat with home-made noodles) and which should be eaten with your fingers, lagman (fried vegetable and mutton pieces with noodles) and finishing with vegetarian dishes, such as shi (soup with sauerkraut and fresh cabbage) and vareniki (pelmeni, filled with fruit or vegetables). You will also have a chance to watch all the dishes being prepared, cooked and served for you, and try to cook the dishes yourself. 

Meals from meat: besh barmak, chuchpara, jarkop, kuurdak, shorpo, shishkebek etc

Meals from dough: boorsok, kalama,kattama, kuimak, kesme, chak-chak etc

Meals from milk: airan, suzmo, kurut, kaimak, sary-mail etc

National drinks: ak-serke, kymyz, bozo,jarma, maksym, chalap etc.

Kyrgyz speciality: chuchuk, kazy-karta, olovo, byjy, jergom, kuiruk boor, kerchoo etc

On your request we would be happy to organize a cuisine tour in Kyrgyzstan!

In life of nomads there were lots of holidays and entertainments. National games were closely connected to the nomadic way of life. They improved their qualities and the necessary for their everyday life strength, endurance, horse riding skills. 
The main national horse games are: Ulak-Tartysh (pulling a goat carcass), Tyiyn Engmei (picking up the coin at a full gallop), Er-Enish or Oodarysh (wrestling on a horse), Kyz-Kuumai (run down the girl).
There are a lot of interesting national games as chuke, toguz-korgool, arkan-tartmai, tebetei-tepmei, kez-tanmai, ak-chelmok, etc.

Hunting was one of the primary occupation of the Kyrgyz. Accounts found in legends and epics tell that whole communities and ails made their living just from hunting. Kyrgyz hunters used hunting birds:eagles, falcons and hawks, and their falconry skills were almost perfect. These birds were treated not only as  hunting birds, but it was a totem and a cult object. Good eagles could hunt both wolves and deer.

“El ichi – onor kenchi” Kyrgyz people says, translated as “Field of crafts among the people”. Kyrgyz daily life was occuped by home crafts, particularly those connected with processing of livestock breeding products (wool, leather, rawhide,bone, gutstring, horn, hoof, etc.). The variety of colors, ornaments and patterns amaze us. Main varieties of Kyrgyz decorative arts: patterned thick felt carpets (shyrdak), patterned weaving, woolen carpets with nap, wicker ware of patteterned chiy reed, embroidery, leather products, wood carving, ornamental metalworking, etc.
To open up secrets of handicraft you can use a CBT tour programme ” 1000 and 1 secrets of handicrafts”.