Volunteering at CBT/KCBTA

a. General Information

Why volunteer with CBT?
If you would like to support CBT groups and the KCBTA in reaching their goals, such as participation of local stakeholders, contribution to local economic development and promoting and practicing socially and ecologically sustainable tourism, why not volunteer with us?

CBT groups in Kyrgyzstan will appreciate your contribution like i.e. language skills; looking at CBT organizations with a ‘foreign eye’ and thus possibly having the ability to give further inputs or come up with new ideas; working experience in fields relevant for CBT groups activities; technical skills and others. In return, you will have the chance to get a deeper insight into the daily work of CBT groups by actively participating in a CBT community. Moreover, there will be enough time to explore local culture, national traditions, study a new language and learn about the country’s history.

If you don’t have a possibility to come to Kyrgyzstan, there is still another option of volunteering with us. You just need a computer, access to the web and you are ready for internet volunteering. CBT groups and the KCBTA will be happy to receive your support by translating or correcting documents or giving feedback on CBT activities.

Remuneration and Supervision
CBT groups and / or the KCBTA will help you in organizing visa, reaching your destination after arrival in Bishkek and provide you with other information needed. During your stay in Kyrgyzstan, the KCBTA main office will be an additional supervisor for you – apart from your supervisor at CBT group.
For volunteering, we cannot provide remuneration or social insurance, but each CBT group will do their best do offer you some compensation for your work – for instance, provide you with accommodation (a private guesthouse, share with local family, CBT destinations only).

 b. Internet Volunteering

Internet, cyber or virtual volunteering refers to volunteer work entirely done via internet. It has the advantage that you don’t have to leave your country or home, but still can offer support to an organization. You just need a computer and an internet line. In case of the KCBTA and CBT, internet volunteering can typically involve the following tasks: translation of texts from Kyrgyz, Russian and English into various languages and correction of texts in English or other languages by native speakers. Additionally, the KCBTA and CBT can benefit from a feedback forum (to be launched at www.cbtkyrgyzstan.kg soon) where you can drop your proposals, new ideas for CBT, suggestions for further improvement and so on.

Translations / Corrections

How it works

If you are interested in translating or correcting texts, send a message to marketingcbtkg@gmail.com to inquire about a list of currently available documents. Usually, a title, language, length and short summary of the document are provided, the date it was put online and eventually the deadline for the assignment.
Choose a document you would like to translate or correct, write an email to marketingcbtkg@gmail.com with a title and subject of the document. Then the KCBTA will send you the requested document. After completion of translation or correction, please send it back to the same e-mail address. The KCBTA will confirm receipt of the document and possibly give you a feedback.

c. Volunteering with CBT groups
Not all CBT groups which are the members of the KCBTA are generally in need of volunteers. If CBT group members decide that based on their action plan, they have a number of tasks which are best done by a foreign volunteer; their advertisement is put on the website of the KCBTA.

General outline of tasks at CBT
To give you an idea about what kind of work is waiting for you at a CBT group, here is a general outline of possible tasks. It can be redecoration or reorganization of a Tourist Information Center; translation; editing & proofreading; correction or creation of leaflets and other publications, tour descriptions etc.; teaching English to CBT members; supporting in developing new tours; improving marketing; applying for grants; writing news about the CBT group for publishing on the KCBTA website, and so on. Persons with some experience in fundraising and ecological management are especially welcome.

General volunteer profile demanded
A CBT group expects that you are interested in Kyrgyzstan, in local culture(s) and are ready to live in a remote town / village, which is most probably not offering the same facilities as you are used to at home. You are fluent in English, have previous traveling experience and are at least 18 years old. Apart from these basic expectations, any further skills like experience in teaching English, knowledge of Kyrgyz, Russian or another local language, computer skills, experience in marketing etc are of course highly appreciated. Also we are very interested to develop tour products based on local resource.  

d. Contact information
If you are interested in volunteering with one of the groups advertising a volunteers’ position, please contact the KCBTA main office at marketingcbtkg@gmail.com for further information.