Kyrgyz classical and traditional music gala concert to be held in March in NYC

A gala concert of classical and traditional music from Kyrgyzstan will be held on March 16 at Merkin Concert Hall at the Kaufman Music Center in New York, Kyrgyz American Foundation told AKIpress.

Kyrgyz American Foundation is a non-profit, humanitarian arts organization that aims is to strengthen civil, humanitarian and cultural ties between Kyrgyzstan and the United States by advancing intercultural awareness, preserving the multicultural heritage of Kyrgyzstan, and promoting the values of freedom, unity, and enlightenment through arts, education and science.

“Through our unique artistic and educational programs and events, we seek not only to strengthen Kyrgyz identity here in the States, but to enrich the already diverse culture of this country with something new and fresh,” says Aza Sydykov, the Foundation’s President. Mr. Sydykov is a co-founder of KAF, along with Vice President, Jonathan Levin and Programs Coordinator, Nikoleta Rallis.

“This gala will be a historic event, as it is the introduction to New York City of our organization, which is the first of its kind, introducing the rich cultural traditions of Kyrgyzstan to a broad audience in the U.S on the country’s leading stages,” says Levin.

The March 16 concert will bring together world-class Kyrgyz and American musicians to present works from the Kyrgyz folk and classical traditions as well as music by modern Kyrgyz and American composers, some of which has never been heard in the United States. 

On stage on March 16th at the Merkin Concert Hall at the Kaufman Music Center will be concert pianists Aza Sydykov, Jonathan Levin and Kairy Koshoeva, soprano Nikoleta Rallis, cellist Nurmira Greenberg, and special guests Perizat Kopobaeva and Elvira Abdilova, who will demonstrate their mastery on the komuz (a traditional Kyrgyz stringed instrument).