Travel to Kyrgyzstan

Discover the beauty of the Alai valley the way locals do on horseback

or on foot.Our tours give you the opportunity to visit and see traditional

life in a variety ofsettings. Camp with Kyrgyz families who spend their

summers tending and protectingtheir herds of sheep and horses. Help

locals in preparing traditional bread, cheese,kymyz and meats.  Follow

ancient trails as you move from jailoo to jailoo.Your surefooted horses find

their way along wild river gorges and up winding pathsthrough the rocky

landscape.Summer is a time for fun, and you can join the cheersas the local

people of Alaygather for popular horse riding games on Sundays.  

Peoplecome from miles aroundto show off their riding skills and buy and sell

locally producedkymyz (fermented horses milk).Choose between the privacy

of your own tent, or experiencetraditional life and stay in acomfortable and

very communal family yurt.

cycling picture 

Cycle Tour “Mountain Pastures” 2016


First season:  June 22 – June 29


 In summer 2016, "CBT Kyrgyzstan" offers you many various options for adventure in our beautiful land, by visiting pearls of Kyrgyzstan such as Lakes of Song-Kul, Sary-Chelek, Ala-Kol and other remote hidden destinations of the Celestial Mountains. We make you familiar with customs and traditions of our people who spend summer time in high altitude pastures – “jailoos” in traditional yurts as it was hundreds years ago and are happy to open Kyrgyz hospitality for all our guests. 

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Dates for 2016:  29 June – 7 July 2016 

Category: Horseback

Duration: 9 days

Level of Difficulty: Moderate to Difficult (6 passes above 3400 m, the highest at 3600 m)

Best season: late June – mid September


 All information about Kyrgyzstan and Community Based Tourism in one brochure. The second issue is available now.




Traveling in Kyrgyzstan:

If you come to Kyrgyzstan, you have to visit a jailoo (high summer pasture) and other special places, to be alone with nature. Different tours are tailor-made for guests: hiking, on horseback or by car. During tours, you will enjoy the vastness of the mountains, purity of the air and water, meet interesting people and feel the depth and range of Kyrgyz hospitality.

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