CBT Arstanbap

 Arstanbap Valley is located at the south of the Kyrgyz Republic and contains one of the most beautiful health resorts. Arstanbap is a unique creation of nature and is situated at 1,600 meters above sea level. The main treasure of these southern forests is the walnut tree. The tree lives up to 1,000 years, reaches enormous size and fructifies abundantly. Its leaves and fruits have curative qualities and are full of vitamins, microelements, and other nutrients. Valuable furniture and various hand-made items come from the walnut wood. Muslims consider the picturesque fruit forests sacred. According to legend, in the ancient times there lived an extremely hardworking man called Arstanbap who served the prophet Muhammad. And those who visit the forest take away with them a bit of paradise. 

Attractions include horseback or trekking trips to the Big or Small Waterfall, agriculture tours with participatory herb-collecting, and hikes to Sacred Mirror Lake and Sacred Stone, important piligrimage sites for Central Asian Muslims. The quickest way to get to the village is by taxi or bus from Jalalabat.

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 Mr. Hayat Tarikov, coordinator