CBT Tamchy

NGO “CBT Tamchy” 
 At 6,236 sq. km, Yssyk-Kol is the biggest lake in Kyrgyzstan and one of the biggest mountain lakes in the world, an enormous divot scooped from the surrounding 4,000-meter ranges and filled with sky-blue water that never freezes (its name means “Hot Lake”). The lake is ringed with beaches and draws holiday makers from near and far. The Kyrgyz are justifiably proud of their inland sea. Halfway between Balykchy and Cholpon-Ata on the north shore of Yssyk-Kol , Tamchy is an excellent destination for Central Asian travelers seeking beach time. Though tourist options, from homestays to towering international hotels, are appearing all along the north shore of Yssyk-Kol as alternatives to sanatorium decrepitude, the tiny village of Tamchy is right on the water. After trekking in Karakol or Kochkor, this is as good a place to have a rest. You can get there by taxi or bus from the Western (“new”) bus terminal in Bishkek (220 km). 

49a, Manas St., Tamchy Village, Yssyk-Kol Oblast, Kyrgyzstan

phone: ++ 996 554 33 14 28 (mobile) 

email: tamchicbt@gmail.com

Mrs. Abdrahmanova Gulnara, coordinator