CBT Talas

CBT Talas 
Talas valley, rich and fertile, is surrounded by ranges of Kyrgyz and Talas Ala-Too. Mountains are covered by glaciers, giving run for a hundreds of rivers, irrigating all border areas, beautiful lakes and waterfalls. Flora and fauna of the region are very diverse and can be proved by existing of several climatic zones, from desert to subalpine. Talas is rich by deposits of silica sand, marble gold and many other mineral products, laying under the ground of treasures.

Talas – motherland of Manas Magnanimous hero, land of ancestors and cradle of our culture and our unique identity. Land who gifted us – Cholponbay Tuleberdiev (Hero of USSR), Chyngyz Aytmatov (famous writer), Estebes Tursunaliev (poet-improviser) and many other famous people.

At the 8th century In Talas would held legendary Battle of Talas (751) – battle between forces of Abassid Caliphate and Turgesh Kaganat against forces of Chinese Tan Empire, to control the territories of the Central Asia. The main importances of the war were dissemination of Islam in Cenral Asia and collapse of Tan Empire of China, which stopped their movements to West for 1000 years.

Talas Mountain ranges full of canyons, a clever piece of work of water. Stones are freeze as cobra, camel, and caravan. Upper river of Talas there are burial grounds Ken-Kol (1.000 years A.D), interments of the Bronze Age – Tash-Dobo, Kyzyl-Say, Besh-Tash, settlements and epigraphic monuments. These are speechless witnesses of decay and violent growth of civilizations, waiting for their future discoverers.

Road to Talas goes through two high mountainous passes – Too-Ashuu and Otmok. They try your patience, but generous and fine endowed your eyes and heart with unforgettable impressions.

Visit Talas, going through Toktogul and Suusamyr Valleys! Hospitable Talas is greeting travelers!

76 Kasym Kayimov (Yuzhnaya) St., Talas town, Talas Oblast, Kyrgyzstan

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Mr. Turdubek Ayilchiev, coordinator