CBT Kyzyl-Oi

CBT Kyzyl-Oi

Kyzyl-Oi is quite different from the other mountain villages in Kyrgyzstan. It existed even before the Great Socialist Revolution, and has therefore kept its distinct Central Asian character with its reddish clay houses. Kyzyl-Oi is located in a narrow gorge on the riverside of the powerful Kokomeren River some 40km south of Suusamyr on the road to Kochkor Village and Son-Kol Lake (both in Naryn region), and about 200km from Bishkek. The elevation is 1,800 metres asl; here, a valley opens up somewhat to form a hollow ringed by the high red-coloured mountains, which gave the place its name. Kyzyl means ‘red’ in Kyrgyz.

Spending a couple of days here is ideal for those wanting to relax in the very heart of the Kyrgyz Ala-Too mountain range. From here, you can choose from a variety of different hiking or horseback trekking routes in the mountains. The Sary-Kamysh Range south of the village has some gorgeous peaks up to 4,000 metres. In summertime, you can ask the villagers to take you up to the summer high-altitude pastures (jailoo) to watch the wildlife and pristine flora. Another attraction in late summer is rafting down the Kökömeren River, an activity offered by some tour operators in Bishkek. Tourists in wintertime can also help local people get the hay down from jailoo to the village using horses and sledges.

Kyzyl-Oi Village, Chui Oblast, Kyrgyzstan

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Mr. Artyk Kulubaev, coordinator