CBT Karakol

Karakol is the largest city in Yssyk-Kol Oblast, set among stunning Central Tien Shan looming above on three sides. It is a quiet and calm, provincial site located near the eastern extremity of Yssyk-Kol Lake and at the foot of those high majestic mountains  – Pobeda Peak (7,439m) and Khan Tengri (6,995m). Founded by Russian settlers in the 19th century, the city has yet to shed the ambience of that time. In town, a Dungan Mosque and the Russian Orthodox Church are well preserved and architecturally impressive. In the area, a museum and monument to the Russian explorer Nicolai Przhevalskiy draw visitors, while Flowers Valley, hot mineral spring at Altyn-Arashan and Jety-Oguz, the alpine lake of Ala-Kol, and numerous picturesque gorges offer excellent opportunities for more active relaxing in the Tien-Shan. 
Karakol is also famed for its Sunday cattle market, starting its brisk trade early in the morning, at dawn. Dashing thoroughbred horses, pedigree cows or well-fed sheep are awaiting their masters. It will be interesting for the town’s guests to observe scenes from consumers and merchants’ daily life. 
Karakol gives easy access to Yssyk-Kol Lake, Ak-Suu, Altyn-Arashan, the fabuled Karakol Valley and the road to Enylcheck Glacier.  Though distant from the capital, Karakol holds its share of big-city amenities: cold beer, soft-serve ice cream, credit card advances, relatively reliable Internet and good cafes – all just a short hop from some of the most spectacular mountains in Asia. 
You can get to Karakol (400km) by bus or shared taxi from the Western bus terminal in Bishkek.

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