CBT Jalalabat

NGO “South Mountains” 
Jalalabat, Kyrgyzstan’s third largest city, sits in a broad plain of the Kugart Valley. Jalalabat is a quiet provincial capital on the edge of the fertile Fergana Valley and gateway to walnut forests and secluded mountain lakes. Jalalabat means “the city of Jalal” and takes its name from the 13th century warrior, Jalal ad Din. Nowadays, squat hills guard the edge of the town. Covered with almond trees, they glow with feathery pink blossoms briefly each spring, shedding their snowy petals within a week of showing them. The hills harbor a natural spring, famous from at least the 10th century for the curative properties of its waters. A Soviet era health resort now stands on the spot where formerly residents of Central Asia, China, Afghanistan and India made their pilgrimage and took their cures. In summer, bottles of Jalalabat water compete for shelf space with the ever-present green and black tea, assuring the weary traveler of certain refreshment on evens the hottest of days. 

All the colours of the Orient are mixed in this fascinating town – lively bazaars full of the fruits and vegetables of the Fergana Valley, abundant vineyards and flower beds, and an exuberantly multiethnic population. Cafes feature Kyrgyz, Russian, Turkish, Uzbek and many other cuisines, sure to satisfy all tastes. From Bishkek, the city can be reached by taxi or by plane (a flight takes about 1 hour).

#3A Sovietskiy Lane St., Jalalabat town, Jalalabat Oblast, Kyrgyzstan

phone: ++ 996 3722 21962 , ++ 996 772 376602 (mobile)

e-mail: cbt_ja@rambler.ru
Ms. Ruhsora Abdullaeva, coordinator