CBT Chon-Kemin

Cliffy mountains of Boom Gorge conceal colorful shrubs and gorgeous fir tree forests. These forests grow densely and cover all mountain slopes as if covered by velvet. On the Kyrgyz Ala-Too Range there are 582 glaciers, with the total area of 520 кm2. Most of them are situated at the central part of the range. The upper reaches of Chong-Kemin river is considered to be the biggest glaciations center. Mountains range on the eastern part forming the mountain junction known as Kemin-Chelek. At the eastern part of Chong-Kemin is situated Kok-Oirok jailoo. Kemin State Reserve aimed at preserving pheasants and hares, and also places of growing ephedra (Bot.: Ephedra intermedia). The nature in Kemin is unique by its own beauty, rich with different trekking routes, horse back riding tours and rafting. Chong-Kemin gorges are also truly attractive by its beauties and conveniences. By the gorges of Kyrgyz Ala-Too there are lots of sparse growths of fir trees, juniper, birch, maple, rowan-tree etc. The friendly group of CBT Chong-Kemin would be glad to welcome you at the land of brave Shabdan Baatyr (Shabdan Hero). Experienced guides can show you track through passes to the azure coasts of Issyk-Kul. During the tour one can see rare species of flora and fauna of Central Tien-Shan, learn more about local inhabitant’s culture, visit Reserve and take part in many other interesting activities.

Address: 9, Bapakov St., Karool-Dobo village, Kemin Region, Chuy Oblast

Tel:  ++ 996 772 832065 (mobile)

e-mail: kemin.tur@mail.ru
Mr. Janybek Sariev, coordinator