CBT Bokonbaevo

This much overlooked town on the south shore of Lake Yssyk-Köl offers various eco-treks into the nearby Terskei Ala-Too Mountains for 2-7 days. You will be able to visit various scenic spots including wild hot springs, a small Salt Lake, or Chasha Manasa, the longest waterfall in Kyrgyzstan. You can even trek all the way to Naryn from Bokonbaevo. Aside from trekking, CBT Bokonbaevo has four yurt camps situated from right on the lake up to the foot of the mountains. Whether you want to swim, fish, go horseback riding or just relax, here you can experience the traditional life of the Kyrgyz.

Bokonbaevo Village, Yssyk-Kol Oblast, Kyrgyzstan

phone: ++ 996 779 455045 (mobile)

e-mail:  cbtbokonbaevo@gmail.com

Mrs. Kadyrkulova Saltanat, coordinator